Out On A Limb

Terri Weber

    I’m thinking it’s time for another cat. I was doing quite well for the past two years with only two cats, but this past month I’ve had a hankering for another one.
    I think it started when I realized that the two that Tim and I currently have are both 19 years old. In case you are not aware, 19 is very old for a cat, especially ones that are indoor/outdoor kinds. So I’ve been thinking about the fact that we probably don’t have too much time left with these two.
    Which makes me very, very sad.
    Then there’s the issue of Double, whose real name is 007. I’ve noticed that since his brother died in July of 2017, he’s been more, well, more needy. He wants me to hang out with him more, sit and let him sleep in my lap, and when the weather isn’t inclement, be outside with him. It’s rather interesting. We don’t have to do anything together outside, we just need to be out there together.
    Tim and I have also noticed that whenever we leave for a few days he is especially whiny when we get home. If we’re gone for five days, he’ll whine for at least five days – incessantly. A pathetic, “I can’t believe you left me” for five solid days. It’s both heartbreaking and annoying at the same time. Double will want to go outside in the world’s worst way, but then two seconds later he’ll want back in, and then he’ll whine and follow you around the house begging for attention.
    What he really wants, I’ve discovered, is for me to go outside with him, and just hang out there all day. Of course, my work keeps me busy in the house, so going outside and hanging out there all day with him isn’t really an option.
    Then about a month ago it dawned on me: He misses his brother. Because that’s what they used to do all day long. They’d go outside and lay around all day long, doing nothing, but within close proximity to one another. When one cat would get up and move to another location, the other would get up and follow, setting up camp somewhere nearby.
    Now I’ve watched Dub-Dub (that would be 007’s other nickname) try to befriend our other cat, Pearl, but she will have nothing to do with him. She, you see, is afraid of everything including cats. Personally, I don’t think she even likes cats, much like my mother. She (Pearl) is an avid cat-hater. So is my mother for that matter. Or else she is too good for the mere lower class cat population and deems herself a queen of cats. At any rate, she has never befriended any of the six other cats we’ve had over the years. I don’t see that changing anytime soon. You can insert either Pearl or Mom in for “she” – take your pick, I don’t think it really matters.
    So now I’ve been thinking maybe it’s time for another cat. Not a kitten, but an older cat. One that would like to be Dub-Dub’s friend. One that would not necessarily want to lay right beside him or groom him or sleep with him, but perhaps be in the same room, or the same yard or the same field at the same time. Kind of like old married couples who live in the same house, but sleep in different bedrooms. Some nice companionship, but not too close, you know?
    Of course, Tim overheard me mention this to our daughter, Alexandra, while I was talking to her on the telephone one day. “You don’t need another darned cat!” Personally I think this is just an automated response that he feels he has to say, like it’s a requirement that he has to be burly and gruff about cats. But in reality I remember a few years back when we had six house cats and he asked me, “When these guys are gone, we’ll get some more, right?” Of course, he totally denies that he ever said that, but I swear I am not making it up! I will never ever forget that he said it either.
    So in the hopes of finding a perfect companion for Double, I started working on Tim today as we started our drive to Santa Fe, NM, for our yearly vacation in New Mexico. It went very well. Before we’d even gotten to Milbank he was on board, and I’d made plans to go to the Humane Society in Watertown once we get back home to check out my choices.
    Life is good and I have the bestest hubby in the whole, wild world. Yes, wild. Definitely wild.
    Oh, one more thing. I did a little research and the two we have are actually only 16 years old, not 19. So hopefully I’ll have a few more years with them. Which makes me happy indeed.
    Terri Weber lives in Roberts County, just a short distance from the Grant County border.

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