Perspectives of a City Girl Gone Country

Penny Tucholke

    Everyone ought to have to move every five years. That way maybe you wouldn’t collect so many earthly possessions. It is even more amazing what you collect after 22 years of living in the same place.
    Yes. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, we are moving to town. I guess that means I will have to change the name of my column from city girl gone country to city girl gone country and back to the city again. I really thought they would cart my dead, cold body off this place before I would willingly move, but all things change.
    I have learned through the years that change is usually good even if it isn’t always the choice you want. For better or worse, circumstances have compelled us to move to town, and I believe that any change is successful by your attitude. When you get a lemon, make lemonade and it tastes pretty wonderful. I also know that wherever my husband and cats are I can be happy.
    Now, I must confess that I am writing this after weeks of adjustment and many tears and sleepless nights. It was the hardest decision we have every made. This little piece of paradise or Penny’s park as my husband calls it, is so beautiful and there are so many wonderful and glorious memories here that it breaks my heart to leave it. It has truly been a little bit of paradise on earth for us and I thank my husband for giving me my dream for the last 22 years. Not everyone gets to live their dream. I have been blessed.    
     My poor cats will take the move the hardest I’m afraid. No more adventures outside for them unless it is on a leash. At 19 years old the confusion will be too hard for them to adjust to a romp in an all new area with so many vehicles. I can’t imagine how they will feel when they can’t prowl in their habitat that they have lived in all of their lives or are not able to deposit a mouse on the sidewalk for my inspection now and then. If there’s no leash there’s no prowling. I’m sure they will not understand why they can’t run outside and lay in the fresh air and sun with no strings attached.
    My husband has never lived in town and this will be a big change for him. He is up to the challenge, I know, and will like some things about living in town well and some things he will not. He will miss his morning coffee with the men who he has been friends with for all these many years and more. We both will miss being close to our church, friends, our morning coffee friends and not being far from the youngest grandkids and being able to run down to the dam.
    Living in town gives us many luxuries we haven’t had so close such as groceries, restaurants, a fabric store, fire and police protection, health services when I hack my finger up with my rotary cutter and our cat sitter.
    I didn’t mind living in town for 43 years the first time and I will enjoy it again. I just have to get through the endless organizing and packing and letting go of stuff.    
    It really does feel good to clean out and throw out. And purge. And purge. And still it isn’t enough. I cannot believe how much stuff we have accumulated in that time.          Moving also makes you clean every crack and crevice that seems to have been missed from time to time.
    It will be terrible the last time we drive out of this drive. I leave my Mom’s tree and the memorial tree for my father after his passing and all the trees we planted, hand watered and took care of, two graves of previous cats, a home that has been filled with love, good times and a wealth of awesome memories. Not to mention the memories with my parents in the summers living here in the old farmhouse before it was torn down.
    We have seen every animal you can think of in this yard from migrating Monarch butterflies to migrating cedar waxwings and even some other visitors you would be surprised about.
    I’m sure old sentimental me will still shed an ocean of tears when I look back but it will be alright. Tears can cleanse and heal.
    Wishing you exciting discoveries on your journey … and a prayer for us as we begin a new journey … until next time!
    Penny (Peschong) Tucholke is originally from Batavia, IL, but relocated to Grant County where she had spent the summers visiting her grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins during her youth.


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