Waverly/South Shore School Proceedings

Waverly/South Shore School Proceedings


September 12, 2022
The Waverly/South Shore School Board met in regular session on September 12, 2022 at 6:15 p.m. in the school library with the following members present: P. Thyen, J. Lindner, J. Buchholz (arrived at 7:25 PM), M. Morgan, and A. Thompson.  Guests and others present:  A. Kwasniewski, T. Brewster, J. Dalton, J. Meyer, and M. Hemmingson-business manager.    
Public Forum: None 
Motion by Lindner, second by Thompson to approve the agenda as presented.  Motion passed 4-0.
Staff and Student Presentations:  A. Kwasniewski and T. Brewster presented.
Conflicts disclosures: None
Motion by Lindner, second by Morgan to approve the consent agenda: 
August regular and gavel training special meeting minutes
August financial reports 
Monthly claims.  Motion passed 4-0.
Financial Report
General Fund: Beginning balance, $1,122,714.37; Revenue: Local, $10,928.56; County, $900.78; State, $119,915.00; Federal, $0.00; Exps, $157,382.58; Adj. $0.00; Ending balance, $1,097,076.13.
Capital Outlay: Beginning balance, $1,211,332.45; Revenue: Local, $7,706.94; County, $0.00; State, $0.00; Federal, $0.00; Exps, $199,717.48; Ending balance, $1,019,321.91.
Special Education: Beginning balance, $104,426.19; Revenue: Local, $1,990.49; County, $0.00; State, $0.00; Federal, $0.00; Exps, $28,816.06; Adj. $0.00; Ending balance, $77,600.62.
Food Service: Beginning balance, $30,800.05; Revenue: Local, $10,233.35; County, $0.00; State, $0.00; Federal, $0.00; Exps, $2,168.43; Adj. $0.00; Ending balance, $38,864.97.
Enterprise: Beginning balance, $1,622.28; Revenue: Local, $0.00; County, $0.00; State, $0.00; Federal, $0.00; Exps, $0.00; Ending balance, $1,622.28.
Trust and Agency: Beginning balance, $26,080.27; Revenue: Local, $2,316.02; County, $0.00; State, $0.00; Federal, $0.00; Exps, $2,114.76; Ending balance, $26,281.53.
Scholarships: Beginning balance, $3,556.31; Revenue: Local, $0.00; Exps, $0.00; Ending balance, $3,556.31.
  General: A&B Business-copier maint/484.90, Amazon-supp/840.50, Applied Water-softner salt for year/3,420.00, ASBSD-trainings/ 1,120.00, Blick Art-supp/100.19, BST Watertown-Athletic trainer services/2,325.00, Cash-Wa-supp/22.29, Century Link-phones/410.12, Chester Area-HS class/250.00, Clark High School-VB tourney/100.00, Cole Papers-sup/1,736.63, K Comes-VB line judge/75.00, M Comes-reimb supp/ 67.81, Crockers Collision-bus repairs/9,013.23, Demco-supp/100.92, Dependable Sanitation-garbage/ 271.80, Dept of Criminal Investigation-fingerprints/43.25, Deubrook School-Supt dues/60.00, J Evjen-mentoring/ 56.00, Grant Co review-publishing/ 150.92, Hillyard-supp/691.60, Houghton Mifflin-supp/47.50, Hudl-subscription/3,226.39, A Hudson-mentoring/14.00, Hy-Vee-supp/12.88, Impact Applications-impact testing/462.00, Infobase Learning-subscrip/561.12, J Jackson-fingerprints/ 20.00, Jostens-21-22 final pmt/ 1,421.31, JW Pepper-supp/86.74, K Kellen-supp/46.35, M Keller-fingerprints/20.00, A Kwasniewski-workshop/20.00, C Lindberg-fingerprints/ 20.00, T Lindberg-DOT physical/ 106.00, Literacy Resources-supp/ 192.24, Mac’s Inc-supp/29.81, Mastercard-supp/1,747.04, Menards-supp/ 965.21, S Mooney-reimb supp/163.66, NASCO-supp/75.68, National History Day-registration/35.00, NESC-assess/ 30.20, Office Peeps-supp/1,047.68, A Olson-mentoring/56.00, Performance Foodservice-supp/815.70, Quill-supp/ 988.17, Renaissance Learning-Star 360 /4,983.49, J Robbins-supp/26.60, Roys Sports-supp/5,305.45, Runnings-supp /602.96, Scholastic-supp/114.75, SDABO-conf/75.00, SDHSCA-dues/ 60.00, Sherwin Williams-supp/128.67, Sioux Rural Water-water/192.00, Sioux Valley Coop-fuel/2,865.95, South Shore Gazette-publishing/162.61, S Tethem-mentoring/56.00, Success by Design-planners/784.32, Superior Showboard- boards/1,008.00, T Thyen-fingerprints/ 20.00, TMS-mo fee/37.40, Titan Machinery-bus repairs/6,201.78, Uline-supp/373.97, USPS-stamps/240.00, Verizon Wireless-cell phones/156.45, Watertown Ford-car service/143.58, Watertown Radio-adv/1,466.60, Waubay School-dues/60.00, WSS ECC-dues/500.00, and WSS Trust & Agency-reimb imprest/1,702.75.  Total $60,819.17.
Capital Outlay:  A&B Business-copier lease/960.20, Cash-Wa-ESSER II supp/793.89, Henning Brothers Leasing-dishwasher lease/140.00, The Library Store-ESSER II tables/10,398.44, Material Flow-lockers/1,905.10, Midwest Grinding-band loft/9,055.56, Saafe-bleachers/23,811.00, and School Specialty-elem sped curr/1,147.08. Total-$48,211.27.
Special Education:  Amazon-supp/ 24.99, NESC-assess/8,104.60, and School Specialty-supp/70.14.  Total $8,199.73.
Food Services:  Andor-dishwasher hook up/398.15, Cash-Wa-food & supp/19,108.84, County Fair-food/ 261.95, East Side Dairy-dairy/471.00, and Performance Foodservice-food/ 1,997.72.  Total-$22,237.66.
Enterprise:    Amazon-supp/5.99.  Total $5.99.
Trust & Agency:  Chesterman Company-concess supp/1,332.38, Mastercard-supp/230.98, Watertown Wholesale-concess supp/1,095.87, Estelline School-VB tourney/150.00, Godfather’s Pizza-in-service/160.00, T Hartman-concess supp/624.63, and D Rowland-CPR training/1,090.00.  Total $4,683.86.
Scholarship:  Total $0.00. 
Payroll: General: Elementary $31,221.35, Middle School $15,501.97, Secondary $22,427.48, Pre-K $3,246.67, Reap $1,057.81, Title $3,808.01, Professional Development $5,763.75, Board Salaries $0.00, Guidance $4,448.88, Mentor Teacher $0.00, Supt $6,562.50, Principal $5,679.17, Fiscal $8,003.00, Operations & Maintenance $7,368.45, Pupil Transportation $8,878.04, Male Activities $3,000.00, Female Activities $3,000.00, and Co-curricular $1,365.84.  Expensed Salaries $0.00.  General Fund Total $131,332.92.  Sped: $15,857.84.  Food Service: $4,664.69.  Enterprise: $0.00.  
NESC report 
NTHS report
Buildings & Grounds
Discussion/Action Items
Old Business:
Reviewed the Return to School Plan with no changes recommended.  
Review of the Waverly/South Shore School District Policy Manual revisions as presented by ASBSD.  The board will spend 30 minutes per board meeting reviewing until all policies have been reviewed. Adoption will take place once all policies have been reviewed.  
New Business: 
Motion by Lindner, second by Thyen to approve the change in official depository from First Interstate Bank to Reliabank. Motion passed 5-0.  
Motion by Lindner, second by Thyen to approve the NESC revisions to the SPED Comprehensive Plan.  Motion passed 5-0.  
Motion by Thompson, second by Lindner to approve the list of surplus items with no value. The list is on file in the business office.  Motion passed 5-0.
Motion by Thompson, second by Lindner to enter into executive session at 7:39 pm for personnel matters pursuant to SDCL 1-25-2 (1), student matters pursuant to SDCL 1-25-2(2), and communication with legal counsel pursuant to SDCL 1-25-2 (3).  
Motion passed 5-0.  
Declared out at 7:59 p.m.  
Motion by Lindner, second by Thyen to approve open enrollment applications 23-0914-01 to 23-0914-05 and 23-0914-01A.  Motion passed 5-0.  
Motion by Thyen, second by Thompson to offer and accept contracts to the following:  M. Hemmingson as full junior class advisor $1,500, C Kleindl-remove JH GBB and add Asst GBB $3,000, C Hulscher as para $14.25 per hour, R Johnson as JH FB Coach $2,000, M Keller as para $14.25 per hour, J Lewno as yearbook advisor $2,000, and M Fransen as bus driver $18,203.08.  Motion passed 5-0.
Administration Reports
Motion by Thompson, second by Thyen to adjourn at 8:21 p.m.  Motion passed 5-0. 
Next regular board meeting will be held Monday, October 10, 2022 at 6:15 p.m. in the school library. 
/s/ Jeff Buchholz
Board President/Chairperson                                                                          
/s/ Misty Hemmingson
Business Manager
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