Worth Mentioning (or not)

Debbie Hemmer

    Otter Tail Power Company recognizes its employees for years of service with special gifts. When Warren hit 30 years he had many options to choose from, but he eventually selected a TV.
    Now we really didn’t need a new TV, because we already had two perfectly good ones but the one from Otter Tail was bigger than any we had.
    When the new one arrived, we offered the TV that was in our basement rec room to our daughters. Warren had decided to give that one up. “It works good, but sometimes for no reason it just shuts itself off,” he said.
    Our daughter, Myssi, took us up on the offer and the TV traveled to Wichita with her after the Christmas holiday. After they had used it for several months I asked her how it was working. “It’s working great, once I figured out that the sleep timer was on and shutting off the TV,” she said. All this time Warren had thought the TV was malfunctioning!
    I shouldn’t razz him too hard about it, because I really struggled with the new TV. It is a smart TV which means it can be hooked up to the internet. Warren had set the TV up when it arrived, and it was working good.
    One evening when he was out of the house for a couple hours I was watching TV, and somehow got on a setting that did not allow me to watch any TV. I couldn’t figure out what I had done, and could find no solution to solve my problem. I finally gave up, and found something else to occupy my time. I had to wait for him to return to fix the issue.
    After we had the new TV we bought a new DVD player, because our old one had been on the fritz for quite some time. Once again that smart TV provided a challenge when we tried to hook it up. We were both very frustrated with the whole situation by the time we figured it out. It required me making several searches online to figure out what we were doing wrong. I think Warren finally figured it out by himself.
    Now we’ve got to deal with several remotes to make the cable, TV, DVD, and sound system work. I thought I was pretty tech savvy, but I’m being proven wrong. This smart TV is sure making me feel dumb!
v v v v v v v v
    “Hey, how much is this TV?”
    The salesman replied “One dollar.”
    “Only a dollar? Why so cheap?”
    The salesman said, “The sound is stuck on the highest volume.”
    “So it’s always on the highest volume? And it’s only one dollar?”
    “Wow, can’t turn that down.”
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    Worth mentioning or not? I’ll let you decide.


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