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Farm and Home Show Slated January 11 and 12 (2018-12-19)
Written by: Holli Seehafer

Plans are in the works to make the 71st annual Grant County Farm and Home Show extraordinary January 11-12 at the Milbank High School and armory. This two-day event will host many vendors, in addition to crop and home exhibits.
?The Grant County 4-H program enjoys assisting with the Grant County Farm and Home Show yearly,? said Sara Koepke, Grant County 4-H youth program advisor. ?We appreciate the many patrons who take time to bring exhibits to the event. This is a way to showcase the many talents within our county.?
In addition to the farm and home show, a LEGO contest will be conducted Saturday, January 12, in the Milbank High School lunchroom. All children ages four and up are invited to participate in the LEGO contest. Pre-registration is required. Contact the Grant County 4-H office for more information. Crops Exhibits
The crop exhibits must have been grown in South Dakota in 2018 by the exhibitor. Again this year, exhibitors who enter crops will be entered into a $100 Ol? Mill Bucks drawing for both adults and youth. The top three crop exhibits will be entered in the South Dakota state crop show in Watertown. CLASS A? GRAIN
One-gallon sample required for all grain crops, unless otherwise noted.
Awards of $20, $15 and $10 to first, second and third in grain class.
Lot 1 - Dent ? any color (10 ears required)
Lot 2? Shelled corn (a gallon sample)
Lot 3? Popcorn (10 ears required)
Lot 4? Flint (10 ears required)
Lot 5 ? Soybeans
Lot 6 ? Sorghum
Lot 7 ? Safflower
Lot 8 ? Sunflower, oil seed
Lot 9 ? Sunflower, confectionary seed
Lot 10 ? Spring Wheat
Lot 11 ? Winter Wheat
Lot 12 ? Durum Wheat
Lot 13 ? Oats
Lot 14 ? Rye
Lot 15 ? Barley
Lot 16 ? Flax
Lot 17 ? Proso Millet
Lot 18 ? Foxtail Millet
Lot 19 ? Buckwheat
Lot 20 ? Edible Beans
Lot 21 ? Canola
Lot 22 ? Peas CLASS B ? FORAGES
Awards of $20, $15 and $10 to first, second and third in forage class.
Hay samples must be a 12x12x18inch sample and silage sample must be brought in a clear, gallon plastic bag.
Lot 23 ? Alfalfa Hay
Lot 24 ? Legume and Grass Mixture Hay
Lot 25 ? Prairie Hay
Lot 26 ? Tame Grass Hay
Lot 27 ? Corn Silage
Lot 28 ? Legume & Grass Mix Silage
Lot 29 ? Sorghum Silage
Lot 30 ? Small Grain Silage
Lot 31 ? Alfalfa Haylage
Lot 32 ? High Moisture Corn Silage CLASS C ? POTATOES
Samples must be three tubers, not eligible for state show.
Awards of $20, $15 and $10 to first, second and third in potatoes class.
Lot 33 ? Red Potatoes
Lot 34 ? White Potatoes
Lot 35 ? Russet Potatoes CLASS D ? EGGS
Samples must be one dozen, not eligible for state show.
Awards of $20, $15 and $10 to first, second and third in eggs class.
Lot 36 ? White Eggs
Lot 37 ? Brown Eggs
Lot 38 ? Other Color Home Exhibits
Adults and youth are encouraged to submit their home exhibits for this year?s farm and home show. Entries for home arts must be made Thursday, January 10, between 4 and 6 p.m.
The age classifications have been established as follows: beginner division (up to 11 years); youth division (12-18 years); adult (19 and older).

Entries will be judged, and ribbons awarded to the top three exhibits in each age division lot. Exhibit tags must be attached to each exhibit entered. The exhibit tags are available at the Grant County 4-H office in the Grant County Courthouse. Each entry must have an accompanying exhibit tag.
?We are encouraging the public to showcase their talents,? said Koepke. ?The drawing for the monetary awards are based off the number of entries. Therefore, if I would bring three entries, my name will be placed in the drawing three times.? CLASS E?CLOTHING AND NEEDLECRAFT
Award of $15, $10, and $5 to the top three in each age division.
Lot 1?Blouse or shirt
Lot 2?Skirt or jumper
Lot 3?Dress
Lot 4?Pants, shorts or garment with a crotch seam
Lot 5?Outfit of two or more pieces
Lot 6?Sleepwear
Lot 7?Recycle garment
Lot 8?Accessory, using fabric
Lot 9?Household accessory (pillow, apron, placements, etc.)
Lot 10?Miscellaneous constructed article ? other than named above
Lot 11- Selected Outfit
Lot 12 ? Quilt article (baby, twin, full or larger)
Lot 13 ? Hand Embroidered Article (pillow case, dish towel, table cloth, etc.)
Lot 14 ? Counted Cross Stitch (any size)
Lot 15 ? Crocheted Article (thread, yarn, etc.)
Lot 16 ? Knitted Article
Award of $15, $10, and $5 to the top three in each age division.
As appropriate, bring food exhibits on a paper plate. Insert in a plastic bag. After exhibits are judged a sample of each entry will be kept for display purposes. The balance will be given to the farm and home show lunchstand for distribution. A recipe card needs to accompany.
Lot 18?Bars Cookies, exhibit 3
Lot 19?Brownies, exhibit 3
Lot 20?Drop Cookies, exhibit 3
Lot 21?Molded Cookies, exhibit 3
Lot 22?Pressed Cookies, exhibit 3
Lot 23?Other Cookies, exhibit 3
Lot 24?Cakes (foam, sponge or chiffon, no frosting or glaze)
Lot 25?Doughnuts (raised or cake), exhibit 3
Lot 26?Yeast Bread, white or dark, one loaf
Lot 27?Muffins, exhibit 3 (without paper backing cups
Lot 28?Quick Bread, one loaf
Lot 29?Yeast Dinner Rolls, exhibit 3
Lot 30?Sweet Rolls, yeast, exhibit 3
Lot 31?Fudge, exhibit 3 pieces
Lot 32?Pies & Pastries (no cream pies)
Lot 33?Other homemade candy, exhibit 3 pieces
Lot 34?Convenience Food ? food prepared differently from a cake mix. Food must be safe when stored at room temperature. Recipe must accompany exhibit. Example: cookies, bars or loaf bread prepared using cake mix.
Lot 35?Special Diet Baked Food Product ? cookie, bar, breads, muffin, etc. prepared for a gluten free diet, lactose free or any special diet. Recipe must accompany exhibit. ?
All food preservation exhibits in lots must be processed by water bath or pressure canner. Exhibitor must attach a label stating processing method and time on all food preservation. This is the exhibitor?s responsibility. Example: water bath method: fruits, jams and jellies, pickles. Pressure canner: meat, vegetables. Jars must have rings, be a standard size and meet all USDA requirements for canning. Jams and jellies must be in a sealed jar, and will be opened for judging. All food preservation need to have a recipe attached.
Lot 36?Canned fruit, 1 standard jar (pint or quart)
Lot 37?Canned tomatoes, 1 standard jar (pint or quart)
Lot 38?Canned vegetables, other than tomato, 1 standard jar (pint or quart)
Lot 39?Salsa, 1 standard jar (pint or quart)
Lot 40?Tomato juice, 1 standard jar (pint or quart)
Lot 41?Cucumber pickles, sweet, 1 standard jar (pint or quart)
Lot 42?Cucumber pickles, dill, 1 standard jar (pint or quart)
Lot 43?Other pickles, 1 standard jar (pint or quart)
Lot 44?Relish, 1 standard pint jar
Lot 45?Canned meat or fish, 1 standard jar (pint or quart)
Lot 46?Jam or preserves, 1 standard jar (1/2 pint or pint jar)
Lot 47?Jelly, 1 standard jar (1/2 pint or pint jar) CLASS G? PHOTOGRAPHY
Award of $15, $10, and $5 to the top three in each age division.
Photos must be 8x10 mounted on core foam or framed. Photos can be color or black and white. Include camera type on entry label.
Lot 48?Candid photo of person
Lot 49?Portrait of one or more people
Lot 50?Animals and/or with people
Lot 51?Flower or plant
Lot 52?Buildings, architecture or interior
Lot 53?Landscape
Lot 54?Still Life (non-living inanimate object, indoors or outdoors)
Lot 55?Action
Lot 56?Close-Up
Lot 57?Tourism or Promotion
Lot 58?Artistic Photography, CLASS H - VISUAL ARTS
Award of $15, $10, and $5 to the top three in each age division. Exhibits should be ready to use or hang. Chalk, Carbon and Pigment
Lot 59?Oil painting, any subject
Lot 60?Watercolor, any subject
Lot 61?Acrylic Painting, any subject
Lot 62?Charcoal drawing, any subject Lot 63?Pen or pencil drawing, any subject
Lot 64?Pastel or chalk drawing, any subject
Lot 65?Computer Art Clay, Ceramics, Modeling Compounds
Lot 66?Sculpture (any media)
Lot 67?Ceramic, any finish
Lot 68?Fimo clay Nature
Lot 69?Wreath, dried or rustic materials (straw, vines, wires)
Lot 70?Wreath, any other materials Other Visual Arts
Lot 71?Jewelry, one article
Lot 72?Jewelry set, two to three pieces
Lot 73?Metal craft
Lot 74?Paper, scrapbooking
Lot 75?Paper, other (origami, paper cutting, etc.)
Lot 76?Plaster craft
Lot 77?Wood construction or finished article, large
Lot 78?Wood construction or finished article, small
Lot 79?Wood article, finished other than paint
Lot 80?Wooden article, painted
Lot 81?Wood carved article
Lot 82?Woodburning
Lot 83?Refurnished article
Lot 84?Stained glass
Lot 85?Miscellaneous craft, other than named above CLASS I - SELF DETERMINED AND INNOVATION
Award of $15, $10, and $5 to the top three in each age division.
Innovation exhibits are out-of-the-box thinking. Technology may or may not play a factor in the success of the project. ?Exhibitors could have created a blog to help other babysitters learn. A drone could have been constructed to analyze crops. You could have written a play and had it performed in your local community. The sky is the limit,? said Koepke.
Lot 86 ? Educational Display Educational displays introduce viewers to a subject by illustrating an idea or fact. Displays may take form of three-dimensional object, scale model, a notebook, etc. Size restrictions on educational displays are approximately 4x6 feet. An example would be a science fair project.
Lot 87 ? Educational Poster Educational posters must be 14x22-inch poster board with a vertical or horizontal orientation. Educational posters: may be done in any medium (watercolor, crayon, ink, etc.), utilize elements and principles of design, and/or have margins on four sides, except in artistic instances.
(Educational displays and posters should illustrate a single basic idea, catch viewers? attention long enough to introduce them to the subject, and/or impress viewers with a specific message and arouse a response.)

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