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THE PRAIRIE WIND causes the Flag of Mexico to billow during Milbank’s first Cinco de Mayo Fiesta on Saturday, May 7. The flag is a vertical tricolor of green, white and red with Mexico’s national coat of arms charged in the center of the white stripe. While the meaning of the colors has changed over time, these three colors were adopted by Mexico following independence from Spain during the country's War of Independence. Cinco de Mayo, or the fifth of May, is a holiday that celebrates the date of the Mexican army’s 1862 victory over France at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War. According to, while it is a relatively minor holiday in Mexico, in the United States, Cinco de Mayo has evolved into a commemoration of Mexican culture and heritage.

Look inside the May 11 issue of The Review for photos from the local celebration. Available on newsstands beginning Tuesday evenings at 
Berens Market
Casey’s General Store
Millstone Family Restaurant 
Grocery Basket, Big Stone City 
MacDaddy’s, Big Stone City
Coffee Cup, Summit 
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