Letter to the Editior • Legion Article Will Draw New Tourists to Milbank

    I’d attempted to keep this brief, but without luck. The August 2019 front cover of The American Legion Magazine includes a teaser – simply “Origin of American Legion Baseball” (which starts immediately on page 20 – the first story in this issue’s contents indexing of articles). This is called out as being “PART 12” of “TO STRENGTHEN A NATION/THE AMERICAN LEGION STORY” – CITIZENSHIP THROUGH SPORTSMANSHIP.  The article is quite informative – which would be good to include in any related museum located in Milbank. The word “Milbank” has been noted twice – once to end the very first sentence and again in a photo caption.
    There are many points which I wanted to make. However, I’ll leave it simply that over two million members (including me) receive The American Legion Magazine ... and additional copies are purchased via other retail outlets. Plus, this article will now be available to all if they do online searching. Milbank should anticipate that this article will create interest among readers/ researchers and draw new tourists to Milbank from throughout the USA. Seeing what Milbank has on display as the “Origin of American Legion Baseball” will be imperative once they’ve added a trip to Milbank, SD, on their life’s “bucket list.”
    Milbank’s leaders might be well-served to take advantage of this newly completed “free marketing” for Milbank. Other historical American Legion baseball locations are also noted in articles and those towns have taken advantage by promoting their baseball facilities over the years.
    While our family resided in Milbank, there were five places within town which left lasting photographic memories:
    • Windmill
    • Home of American Legion Baseball granite marker
    • Granite statue of Grant in front of courthouse
    • “You’ll Like Milbank” hung across US 12 welcoming all travelers
    • Midtown park with Tommy’s popcorn stand
    I’ve been back to Milbank numerous times over the years.  Unity Square and that entire area of town has had that “I want to go there” feel to it. I’ve read and reviewed with interest the (potential) plans for the new ball park(s) near Lake Farley.  Some of it looks fantastic and visionary – exactly what an American Legion baseball tourist would also be wanting to see in order to take photos while crossing Milbank off their life’s bucket list of to-dos.  Then they’d upload the photos to Facebook, Instagram, etc. for future visitors to add it to their own bucket lists.
    I wish you all the best looking forward! Take Care,
                 Chuck Bulygo (Charles)
Austin, TX


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