Milbank City Council Proceedings – September 11, 2023

Milbank City Council Proceedings
September 11, 2023
Call to Order - The City Council met in regular session on September 11, 2023, at 7:00 p.m. in the Visitor Center, 1001 East Fourth Avenue, Mayor Raffety presiding.
Roll Call - Mayor Raffety. Councilmembers: Roger Briggs, Mike Hanson, Mindy Rogers, Craig Weinberg and John Weyh.  Absent: Josh Karels.
Staff Present: Attorney Mark Reedstrom, Cynthia Schumacher, Brandy Blauert, Corey Hooth, Ron Krause, Cody Pohlen, Darin Thiele, Don Settje, Braeden Johnson and Carl Bostrom.
Public Present: Holli Seehafer, Ryan Kohl, Matt Scott, Justin Heim and Kathy Ward.
Public Comments – Ryan Kohl was present to discuss pedestrian safety around the schools. He pointed out problem areas and presented possible solutions. Mayor Raffety thanked Mr. Kohl for bringing this to the council. He stated it is likely time to review the school areas now that traffic patterns have been established. 
Minutes – A motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes of the August 14, 2023, meeting. Motion carried 5-0.
Consent Agenda – A motion was made and seconded to approve the consent agenda. Motion carried 5-0.  
1. Approve hiring of Kaia Tilloston, lifeguard, $14.51, effective 9/11/23.
2. Ratify hiring of Mason Meister, building attendant, $12.18, effective 8/21/23.
3. Remove the following from Unity’s payroll roster: Ashton Loken, Andrew Magadenz, Dylan Durrick, Isaac Schulte, Karla DeVaal, William Karels, Donavan Godfry and Mindy Giesen.  
4. Approve Big Stone Radio/KMSD Radio City Goes Country event, Lake Farley, September 30, 2023.
5. Approve Change Order #1, Splash Pad, +$12,367.
6. Approve Milbank Chamber Treat Street Event, October 31, 2023.
7. Approve the Mayor’s appointment of Mindy Rogers, Mike Hanson and Josh Karels to the police hiring committee.
8. Approve one-year extended crop land lease, Tim Zubke, $169/acre, 40.55 acres.
Department Reports
Housing & Development – Two local realtors valued the city owned lots on Diggs Avenue at $15,000-$20,000.  Attorney Reedstrom explained that Lot Eight contains an access easement to Lots Nine and 10, owned by Jerry Lewno. Reedstrom stated at this time Lewno is not interested in releasing the easement on Lot Eight. However, he would be interested in ownership. A motion was made and seconded to table action on Lot 17 and direct the city attorney to continue discussion with Mr. Lewno regarding Lot Eight.  Motion carried 5-0.
Park & Cemetery – Routine maintenance continues.
Sidewalks and landscaping remain at the splash pad. They are expected to be completed this fall. They are planning a Memorial weekend 2024 opening.
No action was taken on a change order from H.E. Mitchell for the Legion Field Verticals.
Proposals for several concrete projects were reviewed. A motion was made and seconded to approve the following quotes submitted by Beyond Concrete. Skate Park - $24,323.75. Splash Pad sidewalks - $11,563.75. J&J Park sidewalks - $18,142.50. Lake Farley, ADA access - $4,016.50. Motion carried 5-0.
Personnel – The Alternative HR, LAC  compensation analysis report is completed.
Mayor Raffety recognized the following employee anniversaries, Carl Bostrom seven years and Jesse Morton four years.  
A motion was made and seconded to extend insurance premium coverage for Dan Keyes through 12/31/23. Motion carried 5-0.
Unity Health & Fitness – 
Recreation Director Pohlen reported the Third Annual CommUnity Celebration was a great success with an approximate 460 participants. The lobby remodel is expected to be complete mid-September. Flag football is underway and youth soccer and volleyball registration is open. The pool will be shut down one day for plumbing repairs and installation of new filters.  
Motion was made and seconded to approve Cody Pohlen as Interim Park & Recreation Director, effective 8/1/23, grade 16.5, $55,601.11.
Police – Chief Hooth reported the motor was replaced in the 2018 squad. The complete cost was $7,700.  The squad will remain in rotation eliminating the need for a new squad purchase in 2024. Officers Carl Bostrom and Braeden Johnson were present. Johnson is currently working part-time with the department as he is completing his studies at Lake Area Technical College.
Chief Hooth brought forward several traffic signage updates he would like to see approved.  The changes include removing the no parking zone on the north side of East 10th Ave from 5th St to 2nd St. Remove stop signs at the intersection of East 10th Ave and 5th St. for east and west bound traffic. Install yield signs on South Viola Street at 10th Ave for north and south bound traffic.  Councilman Weyh relayed the ambulance service requested yield signs on 3rd Ave at 4th Street for east and west bound traffic. A resolution will be presented at the October meeting.
A motion was made and seconded to approve the hire of Officer Kiefer Lesnar effective 9/12/23, grade 15-2, $22.37/hr. Motion carried 5-0.
Streets – The department completed blading alleys. Crosswalks and parking lines in the school zones, city parking lots and on Main street were painted.   Drainage ditches were mowed where possible. The roof of the street department shop needs to be repaired.
A motion was made and seconded to approve the Street and Fleet Maintenance Led job description. Motion carried 5-0.
Approve the transition of Jesse Morton to Street and Fleet Maintenance lead, effective 8/14/23, $30.00/hr. Moton carried 5-0.
Public Works Coordinator Thiele reported they have obtained a plow truck, $26,500, and a batwing mower, $5,000 from SD state surplus. The plow truck includes an underbelly plow, side wing and sander. 
Airport – No report.
Grant County Development – No report.
Chamber of Commerce – The annual meeting is scheduled for September 26, 2023.
Water – A motion was made and seconded to approve the appointment of Councilman Roger Briggs to serve on the Dakota Mainstem Regional Water System, Inc. Motion carried 5-0.
Water Manager, Don Settje reported the crew is close to completing the inside of the tower and will begin working on the outside as weather permits.  A week of cure time is needed before filling the tower. Settje continues to flush the system to help diminish discolored water.
Rubble Site – A state inspection was conducted, waiting for final report. A new shingle pit needs to be considered; the current site is reaching capacity.  
Fire – Fire Prevention Week is approaching, October 8-14, 2023.
Wastewater – Low flows, high temperatures and low loadings are creating ammonia issues. Staff are monitoring closely to avoid violation limits.
Planning & Zoning – Justin Heim with ISG Engineering addressed questions on Phase I of the  Janmark First Addition to the City of Milbank. Heim reported they continue to work with Banner Associates to meet all requirements. 
  Improvements needed on Fair Street and Northridge Avenue were discussed and Banner Associates should be contacted to advise.  
July Permits
Building: Duane Mielitz-313 West 8th Ave-accessory structure. Gene & Judy Frerichs-304 Gause Ave-deck. Tim Wendland-401 West 8th Ave-manufactured home & accessory structure. Anthony & Tara Vojta-303 Highland Dr- accessory addition. Bernie Weber-709 East Railway Ave-deck. Ward Chapman-902 South Main St-accessory structure. Russ Jury-203 East Milbank Ave-deck. Tony Gertsema-110 East Park Ave-accessory structure.
Demolition: none.
Moving: none. 
Fence: Trey Jankord-903 S Viola St-chain link.
Roofing: none.
Special Event Permits: Block party-1000 block of Washington Dr.
Finance – A motion was made and seconded to approve the August treasurer’s report. Motion carried 5-0.
A motion was made and seconded to approve the bills list, $966,720.30. Motion carried 5-0.
A&J Screening, supplies, program/work shirts, 2,957.96; Advanced Technologies Inc., brochures, parts, supplies, 342.54; Alternative HR, LLC, compensation project, 4,385.00; Amazon, parts, supplies, 1,788.08; AO Industrial Solution, water tank project, 37,469.88; AT&T Mobile, cell phone, 543.38; Auto Value Parts Store, parts, supplies, 96.97; Avera Medical Group, exam, 138.00; Banner Associates, engineering, 4,606.00; Berens Market, supplies, 51.54; Berg, Nicole, supplies, 132.84; Berkner Excavating & Gravel, water break repairs, gravel, screened dirt, 9,466.67; BIB, background checks, 54.07; Big State Industrial Supply, supplies, 228.25; Big Stone Broadcasting, advertising-CommUnity event, 850.00; Brite, mounting kits, 7,092.00; BSN Sports, supplies, 625.01; CAN Surety, notary premium, 50.00; Cannon Electric, wire ADA doors, 805.40; Card Pointe, card fees, 422.96; Chappell Central Inc., repair actuator, 559.00; CHS, gas, 2,280.10; City of Milbank, deposits to final bills, 127.26; Corporate Technologies Inc., IT support, backup, subscriptions, 9,853.87; Crown Awards, supplies, 116.78; Dakota Shed Haulers, relocate shed, 475.00; Dewey's Lawn Care, application & repairs, 293.00; Diamond Vogel Paints, traffic paint, 190.00; Eastside Car Wash, truck wash usage, 73.24; Emergency Apparatus Maintenance, truck repair, 1,286.38; FACe - Propay, transaction fees, 12.33; Facebook, advertising-CommUnity event, 75.00; Farmhouse Celebration, supplies, 150.00; Ferguson Waterworks, 2" meters, 5,671.68; First Bank & Trust, card fees, 41.91; Flexible Pipe Tools & Equipment, parts, 2,037.00; Food-N-Fuel, gas, 365.59; Freemotion Fitness, parts, 152.93; GCC Consolidated Ready Mix, meter & valve tank, 1,458.95; Google, YouTube subscription, 12.73; Grant County Auditor, county services, 1,000.00; Grant County Development Corp, allocation, 15,500.00; Grant County Review, publications, 2,990.08; Hasslen Construction, splash pad project, 195,922.00; Hawkins, Inc., chemicals, 9,276.81; Heiman Fire Equipment, parts, 1,050.65; Hilbrands, Holly, deposit refund, 42.45; Hof Quality Electric LLC, install floor conduit, 542.64; Homan Metal Fab, LLC, misc. weld, 1,500.00; Integra Chemical Co., chemicals, 1,622.50; Inter-Lakes Community Action, refund over payment, 160.00; ITC, phone, internet, 3,500.09; John Deere Financial, parts, supplies, repairs, 837.82; Kaardal, Deb, deposit refund, 30.29; Kelly Kutters LLC, mowing contract, 19,182.18; Lewis Drug Stores, supplies, 42.17; Linde Gas & Equipment Inc., air system, 50.64; MacQueen Emergency, boots, 2,582.10; Milbank Area Chamber of Commerce, allocation, 15,500.00; Milbank Fire Department, rent, 7,500.00; Milbank Winwater Co., parts, 9,509.18; MnB Cleaning Services LLC, cleaning service, 4,800.00; Money Movers, NIHCA membership fee, 11.00; NAPA Auto Parts, parts, truck coating, 284.31; Norm's Auto & Truck Repair, equipment repair, 640.00; NW Energy, natural gas, 82.39; Oriental Trading, supplies, 48.26; Otter Tail Power Co., electric, 23,613.44; Parents Promoting Education, color run, 100.00; Pitney Bowes, machine lease, 186.54; Pollarwater, supplies, 258.90; Racaries Software, HR application support, 105.00; RampTech, skate equipment, 12,946.09; RCX Sports LLC, program jerseys, 229.00; RDO Equipment Co., parts, 130.00; Reedstrom, Mark,
retainer fee, 1,000.00; Reimche Airspray LLC, FBO Contract, 1,500.00; Reinders Inc., field paint, 1,482.12; Runnings Supply Inc., supplies, parts, 1,546.22; SD Dept of Motor Vehicle, license, title, 76.70; SD Dept of Revenue, sales tax, 2,647.04; SD Property Management, mower, plow truck, 31,500.00; SD Public Health Lab, testing, 101.00; Share Corp, supplies, 1,108.44; Simply Coffee, supplies, 186.00; Sirchie Acquisition Co. LLC, supplies, 199.67; Skinner, Paul, refund, 444.00; Star Laundry & Cleaners, laundry service, 366.96; Stoney  Brook Ent. Inc., cutter blades, 1,575.40; Time Clock Plus, license fee, 63.00; Trapp Plumbing Co., clear main, hook up heater, 462.26; Twin Valley Tire, tires, tire service, 493.71; UPI Petroleum, gas, 3,696.91; US Bank, bond payment, 172,672.50; US Bank, bond payment, 241,892.50; US Bank - SRF, bond payment, 52,951.51; US Postal Service, postage, 645.10; USA Bluebook, supplies, 895.81; Valley Office Products, supplies, 310.60; Valley Rental & Recycling, recycling agreement, 650.00; Van Diest Supply Co., chemicals, 665.50; Vanorny Tree Service, tree removal,
200.00; West Central Communications, programming, batteries, repairs, 1,678.08; Whetstone Home Center, supplies, 1,293.35; Whetstone Sanitation, garbage service, 879.32; Whetstone Valley Electric Cooperative, electric, heater, install cable, 2,985.49; WM Corporate Services, Inc., garbage service, 481.72; Xerox Corporation, copier leases, 548.02; Zem's Inc, flooring, 10,292.98; Zoom Video Communications, Zoom video subscription, 112.56.
A motion was made and seconded to approve the second reading Ordinance 849A. Motion carried by roll call vote, 5-0. Karels absent.
No action was taken on the arts council financial request. The Mayor requested an inventory of the remaining, non-city owned statues and any agreements with those statue owners.  
August gross wages: Mayor/Council $1,600; Finance $25,974; Police $25,697; Fire $1,751; Street $8,434; Rubble Site $944; Recreation $25,350; Park $18,321; Water $9,518; Wastewater $16,594.
Property Standards – No report. 
Executive Session - A motion was made and seconded to go into Executive Session pursuant to 1-25-2(1). Motion carried 5-0. Mayor Raffety called the Council out of executive session.
Adjourn – The next regular meeting is October 9, 2023, at 7:00 p.m. A motion was made and seconded to adjourn. Motion carried 5-0.
/s/ Pat Raffety, Mayor
/s/ Cynthia Schumacher, 
Finance Officer
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