Milbank City Council Proceedings

October 14, 2019
    PURSUANT TO DUE CALL AND NOTICE THEREOF, a regular meeting of the City Council was duly held at City Hall at 7:00 PM. Following members were present: Mayor Pat Raffety, Councilmen Steve Wiener, Evan Grong, Joel Foster, Scott Hoeke and Mike Hanson. Absent: James Johnson. Present from the staff: John Forman, Boyd VanVooren, Cynthia Schumacher, Don Settje, Dick Poppen, Darin Thiele and Ron Krause Sr. Present from the public: Holli Seehafer, Jon Livermore, Steve Strege, Vicki Strege.
    Mayor Raffety called the meeting to order, and the roll call was taken.
    Steve and Vicki Strege addressed the council about drainage issues in their area. Namely Highway 15 thru Pribyl Park. Mayor Raffety stated Banner Engineering has been contacted to review the area providing recommendations for drainage improvements. Sludge and growth need to be removed from the drainage ditches.  
    A motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes of the September 9, 2019 meeting. Motion carried 5-0.
    A motion was made and seconded to approve the Consent Agenda as amended. Motion carried 5-0.
    1. Water Dept. surplus – old meters, fittings, connectors, etc.
    2. Accept the resignation of Officer Ryan Bakeberg effective 9/26/19.
    3. Accept the resignation of Bryan Lambrechts effective 12/27/19.
    4. Authorization to Advertise for Street Manager position.
    5. Renew contract with Climate Systems, Visitor Center system maintenance, $4,255.
    6. Appoint Robert Frink as a P&Z Commission member, fulfilling Jason Krause term through 12/31/2021.
    7. Appoint Jason Krause as an alternate to the P&Z Commission.
    8. Write off utility bill for Shopko-$70.41, bankruptcy (claim filed).
    9. Resolution 10-14-19A Combined Board of Equalization.
City of Milbank Combined Board of Equalization
    WHEREAS, the City of Milbank Board of Equalization, Grant County, South Dakota, does desire to consolidate local board of equalization with the County Board of Equalization for 2019 tax year, payable 2020, as permitted in SDCL 10-11-68, and
    WHEREAS, the City of Milbank Board of Equalization also believes the consolidation of the two boards would promote efficiency and equity of the equalization procedures.
    THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that there be formed a Consolidated Board of Equalization in accordance with SDCL 10-11-68 for real property within the County of Grant.
    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the City of Milbank Board of Equalization will have a member sit on the Consolidated Board of Equalization as designated by SDCL 10-11-68.
    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the City of Milbank Board of Equalization will compensate any expenses for their member that is on the County Board of Equalization.
    Adopted and approved the 14 day of October, 2019.
   Aye: 5 Nay: 0 Absent: James Johnson    Pat Raffety, Mayor
Cynthia Schumacher, Finance Officer
CC: Karen Layher,
Grant County Auditor
    10. Approve Holiday Lighted Parade permit, Main Street from 5th Ave to Railway Ave, November 30, 2019.
    Park – The monthly department report was read. Administrator Forman explained that appraisals are being done on several park properties that have Land & Water Conservation grant regulations tied to them. The end goal being to release the encumbrances on these properties and replace them with the Lake Farley property.  
    Jon Livermore, Forester with the SD Department of Agriculture explained the emerald ash bore disease. Livermore stated it is best to remove the ash trees prior to infestation. The characteristics of the ash bore and ash wood make it very dangerous to remove an infected tree. Removal and replacement is much more cost effective than treating them.  Administrator Forman stated a plan will be created to begin removal and replacement of the ash trees in the cemetery and parks.  
    Police – A motion was made and seconded to approve the hiring of Kiel Zinter, police officer, effective 10/14/19, 5-1, $18.39. Motion carried 5-0.
    Property Standards – A citation was issued to property owner at 606 West Milbank Avenue for ongoing property standard issues.
    Water – Councilman Wiener gave the monthly report. DENR conducted a sanitary inspection of the water department facilities. Maquire Iron cleaned the blue storage tank and inspected the water tower. The City is utilizing 73% spring water.
    Street – The monthly report was read.  Last month no bids were received for snow removal. Administrator Forman requested snow removal quotes from local contractors. The city will utilize the quote submitted by J&J Earthworks for the 2019/2020 winter season. No other quotes were received.
    Administrator Forman gave an update on Main Street projects. The second lift of asphalt was completed on the 400 block.  The contractor is dealing with curb stops, coal shoots and grading on the 300 block. Light poles are being installed on the 200 block.
    Administrator Forman reported that SD DOT and railroad responded to the city’s desire to close the Eastman Street crossing and signalize the Lloyd Street crossing. They have indicated that funds will be available to fund 100% of the signalization of Lloyd Street, with additional funds being available for further road work.   
    Rubble Site – No report.
    Legion Baseball Field Update – Councilman Hoeke presented the Council with sketches of the proposed facility.  ICON has kicked off the initial fundraising campaign. The local fundraising campaign is scheduled for January 2020. Additional information can be found at
    Fire – Councilman Grong gave the monthly report.
    Planning & Zoning – Councilman Grong reported a variance requested by Dan Hilgenberg for the construction of an accessory structure not subordinate to the principal use, 701 East Park Avenue was approved.
    A variance request by Lillian Colberg for a detached accessory structure within the required setbacks was approved, 612 South 4th Street.
    A variance requested by Schneck Farms for a fence exceeding allowable height regulations was approved, 519 West 3rd Avenue.
September Permits
    Building: Chris & Stacy Schmidt-311 W 6th Ave-garage. George Siderwwicz-306 N Dakota St-deck. Eastside Car Wash-1202 E 4th Ave-sign. Kasey Klemm-506 S Viola St-deck. Clint Davis-305 W 7th Ave-addition. Tim & Sue DeJong-901 S 3rd St-addition.
    Fence: Roger Hoff-606 E 4th Ave. Dorinne Bjerke-207 S 9th St. Schneck Farms-519 W 3rd Ave. Guillermo Flores Ruiz-911 E Milbank Ave. Jessica Suarez-103 S 5th St.
    Demo Permits: None.
    Roofing Permits: Warren Hemmer-513 S Grant St-asphalt. Jill Lacek-409 S 2nd St-asphalt. Clint Davis-305 W 7th Ave-asphalt.
    Moving: David Spors-316 W 5th Ave-garage.
    Special Conditional Use: Big Stone Radio/KMSD-City Goes Country-Lake Farley Park-9/4/19.
    Finance – A motion was made and seconded to approve the September Treasurer’s Report. Motion carried 5-0.
    A motion was made and seconded to approve bills list, $415,203.60. Motion carried 5-0.
CLAIMS 10/14/19
    American Engineering Testing, testing, $123.85; Ameripride Services Inc.    rugs, $247.34; Auto Value Parts Stores    supplies, $77.94; Avera Medical Group-Milbank    immunizations, $875.00; Banner Associates, engineering, $13,880.05; Berkner Excavating & Gravel, water break repair, $869.29; Billiet, Jerry, refund, $22.00; Bituminous Paving Inc, asphalt patch, $448.64; Black Mountain Software, software, maintenance/support, $10,936.00; Black Strap Inc, road salt/delivery, $6,478.87; CHS, gas/tank rental, $4,733.40; Corporate Technologies LLC, service agreements, $584.00; Dakota Valley Trucking, transport fees, $1,500.00; Eastside Car Wash, truck wash usage, $21.00; Ferguson Waterworks #2516, parts, $303.78; First Bank & Trust-C, travel expense/parts/registration fee, $450.38; Folk, Jacob, clothing allowance, $100.00; Food-N-Fuel, gas, $238.07; Gall’s LL, case, $526.72; GCC Consolidated Ready Mix, salt sand, $3,271.11; Grant County Auditor, services, $2,516.66; Grant County Review, publications, $298.51; Great Northern Environmental, parts, $1,925.50; Hach Company, parts, $198.42; Hartman’s Family Foods, supplies, $47.42; Heiman Fire Equipment, parts/safety equipment, $545.55; Helms & Associates, engineering, $115.00; Hicks Construction LLC, building repairs, $837.27; I&S Group, development plan, $266.50; ITC, phone service, $909.66; J&J Earthworks Inc., Main St project, $239,345.32; Kelly Kutters, mowing contract, $12,466.67; Midwest Powersports, Inc, parts, $42.79; Mike’s Stump Grinding, stump removal, $65.00; Milbank Winwater Co., parts, $623.35; Modern Marketing, supplies, $228.03; NAPA Auto Parts, parts/supplies, $382.17; Norm’s Auto & Truck Repair, equipment repairs, $256.31; Northern Lights Displays, banners, $932.50; NW Energy, natural gas, $55.03; Otter Tail Power, electric, $14,541.30; Poppen, Dick, travel expense, $277.40; Praxair Distribution Inc., service air system equipment, $25.40; Pro Welding & Repair, build mounts, $758.54; Purchase Power, postage, $503.50; Quick Pro Lube, vehicle service, $41.21; Ramkota Hotel, travel expense, $447.96; RC Technologies, services, $45.95; Real Manufacturing, build brackets, $114.55; Roger’s Electric Motor, parts, $11.50; Runnings, supplies, $942.06; SD Clerk of Courts, filing fee, $25.40; SD Dept. of Revenue, sales tax, $183.92; SD One Calls, one calls, $49.35; SD Public Health Lab, testing, $186.00; Seehafer Hardware, supplies, $20.95; Share Corp, supplies,  $1,746.99; Sime Repair, equipment repairs, $477.68; Southern Aluminum, tables, $1,210.00; Star Laundry & Cleaners    rugs/coveralls, $31.72; Sturdevants Auto Parts, parts, $174.92; Tech One Inc., shipping, $218.45; The Repair Shop, certification, $172.00; Twin Valley Tire, tire service/tires, $1,549.39; UPI Petroleum, gas, $2,502.75; US Bank, bond payment, $73,077.54; USPS, billing expense, $360.00; Valley Office Products    , supplies, $172.65; Valley Rental & Recycling LLC, recycling agreement, $650.00; Vanorny Tree Service, tree removal, $1,275.00; VanVooren, Boyd, clothing allowance, $100.00; Westmor Industries LLC, repair fuel tank, $378.57; Whetstone Home Center, supplies, $255.81; Whetstone Sanitation, portable restrooms, $150.00; Whetstone Valley Electric, electric/repairs/installation, $1,625.61; Wilbur Ellis, FBO Contract, $1,200.00; Wittrock & Sons, metal pickup/garbage service, $1,515.00; Xerox Corporation, copier lease, $439.43.
    A motion was made and seconded to approve Resolution 9-14-19A, Special Assessments. Motion carried 5-0
    WHEREAS, the City Council, City of Milbank, Grant County, South Dakota, will put a special assessment against the property as hereinafter set out for the collection of outstanding bills which included the expenses of levying such special assessment against said property.
    Owner: Gerold Koepke, PO Box 31, Stockholm SD 57264
    Property: 302 W 6th Ave, Lot 1 & the E 15-feet of Lot 2, West End Addition, Milbank, Grant County
    Amount: $650.00 fire call + $20.00 handling = $670.00
    Owner:  Tri State Properties LLC, PO Box 266, Milbank, SD 57252
    Property:   301 S 4th St, the N ½ of Lot 10 & all of Lots 11 & 12, Block 33, Original Townsite to the City of Milbank, Grant County
    Amount: Lot cleanup/snow removal $625.00 + $20.00 handling = $645.00
    Owner: Jeremy Rufer, 120 E 3rd St Apt 208, Yankton, SD 57078
    Property: 504 Drake Ave, Lots 13 & 14, Block 65, Original Townsite to the City of Milbank, Grant County
    Amount: Lot cleanup $300.00 + $20.00 handling = $320.00
    THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the City Council of the City of Milbank, Grant County, South Dakota hereby authorized the Finance Officer to file special assessments against these properties at the Grant County Auditor’s Office for outstanding bills.
    Dated this 14th day of October, 2019.  
    Aye: 5    Nay: 0  Absent: James Johnson
Pat Raffety, Mayor
Cynthia Schumacher, Finance Officer
    September Salaries: Mayor/Council $1,600; Finance $14,605; Police $25,981; Fire $1,559; Street $12,850; Rubble Site $936; Park $4,257; Water $5,261 Wastewater $12,280.
    Personnel – No Report.
    Housing – No report.
    Attorney – No report.
    Airport – Councilman Foster reported a property within the protection area has been purchased. Three additional properties are in the negotiation process.  
    Wastewater – Councilman Foster read the monthly report. HydroKlean completed the annual jet rodding, main cleaning and televising.   
    Executive Session – A motion was made and seconded to go into executive session pursuant to 1-25-2(1). The Mayor called the council out of executive session.
    Adjourn – The next regular meeting will be November 11, 2019 at 7:00 PM.  A motion was made and seconded to adjourn.  Motion carried 5-0.
/s/ Pat Raffety,
/s/ Cynthia Schumacher,
Finance Officer


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